Potluck Presentation – Veggiedemiology, science and alternative pseudoscience

Here’s the presentation, including both audio and slides.  Probably need a laptop to be able to match them together, or a sophisticated handheld device.  This is part of the September Earthsave event, found here:





Cooking Class about Backpacking Vegan food

Preamble to cooking class: soliloquay and ode to good backpacking food in audio format.  Listen here to the file, uploaded as mp3. It’s about 24 minutes long.  Mostly nerdy, silly, and full of well-meaning, innuendo, double ententes, gaps in flow, but some suggestions that any literary critic would praise as worthy of merit.


The food mgmt (sic)

PS Now go do it.

Chris talks at Earthsave about uber health to get well by

Chris will speak at Earthsave Louisville on March 13th.  This is what he just finished: It is stunning.  Right things in the right way for the right reasons.


Join Us For Our Third-Annual

Detox Talks Series!

2015 Louisville Detox Talks Schedule

January 7: Epigenetics: Changing Your Genes

January 14: Antioxidant Foods For

January 21 Nature’s Pharmacy: Polyphenols

January 28: The Wonderful World Of Fiber


February 4: Probiotics: Nature’s Antibiotics

February 11: The Antibiotic Dilemma

February 18: Identifying and Eliminating

C.R.A.P. Foods

February 25: Healthy Oils


March 4: Getting On The Wagon: The

Psychology of Wellness

March 11: On The Brink: Changing The

World Through Nutrition

A certified Nutritional Therapist and Weight Loss Practitioner,

Christopher began his career as a musician and holds a BM in Music

Education and an MM in Conducting. His life came to a halt in

2010 when he began experiencing a wide array of symptoms that

included dizziness, balance problems, extreme fatigue, weakness,

and sensitivity to lights. Over the course of the next two years, he

went to countless doctors and specialists who couldn’t provide any

answers. Unwilling to accept a doctor’s prognosis that things would

likely never improve, he set out on a journey to reclaim his health

and his life. The cure was profoundly simple: nutrition.

Revitalized and passionate after regaining his health, he is on a mission to help change the

collective consciousness about wellness. This series will explore the root causes of Western

disease and will empower you to make nutritional adjustments that will allow you to thrive!

Wednesdays from noon-1:00 P.M.

The Weekly Juicery Louisville – 112 Bauer Ave

For more information, please call 502.785.4215 or email


Chris Profile

Holiday Hide The Vegetable Cooking Class

Cooking Class with EarthSave Louisville to be held 12/12/2014 at 4pm.


Plantastic (Vegan; veggie-strong) cooking class will show ways to “healthify” holiday recipes.  Holiday meals are the best time to sneak some good stuff in, and then (after people commented about the awesome taste) you can tell them all the good veggies hidden within.  If you are perfect in every way, this is an awesome strategy.  The cook has all the power  ~~ Eureka Einstein

This strategy is well developed.  Remember: Be afraid of confronting anyone; cure them with kindness, but don’t let them know how you did it.  Oh, well; sigh.


” Analiese summed up my experience perfectly and let me just say that one of my boys had not eaten a vegetable or fruit except bananas in years (I’m embarrassed to admit). With these recipes (choc chip pancakes, chicken nuggets, and choc chip cookies), he has eaten ample amounts of spinach, blueberries, carrots, sweet potato and wheat germ. It is such a relief, I can’t even tell you. I am not much of a cook but the recipes have not been hard and relieving the food issue has taken a big weight off my back. Thank you, Sneaky Chef!”


The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals



EarthSave promotes the idea that all food is veganable.  Just watch…




Chef Peter cooks/demos at EarthSave Cooking Class

Chef Peter Klarman


While overcoming difficult personal health challenges, I began learning about food and nutrition, and how to apply foundational health principles to creating recipes. Since completing a culinary training program over five years ago, I have worked in various restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky, and in the food service kitchens of Wild Oats, and Whole Foods Markets. In addition, I have been a personal chef for people with various health concerns, presented several food demonstrations locally and throughout the country, and worked with clients at the Center for Alternative Medicines to help them transition to a healthier food lifestyle.

Having tried different approaches to food, I realize the importance of empowering myself and others about making better food choices, the importance of maintaining a balanced body chemistry, lowering stress, and the positive impact(s) on quality of life. If we ignore improper eating habits and lifestyle, over time many of us will face pre-mature chronic health problems or perhaps a fatal disease. The goal of my work is to create and share delicious, satisfying, easy-to-prepare, energy and health sustaining cuisine, and educate people about the impact of their food choices in order to promote a better quality of life. Currently, my new recipe book, Better food for a Better You, is available in hardcopy and now in e-pub formats on iTunes (iPad format) and Barnes and Noble (Nook reader) with over 70 recipes. It’s a collection of whole-food, plant-based, and gluten-free recipes using local, fresh, and organic ingredients, and contains several informational resources on maintaining a healthy way of life.

In food demonstrations, I encourage others to have fun preparing meals at home and share my passion and enthusiasm for delicious and healthy cuisine. Given the proper nutrition and healthy well-being, your body has an incredible ability to heal itself and it’s your responsibility to keep it healthy. After all, who else has to live in it but you?

Dr. Campbell to speak in Louisville in February 2014

Nelson Campbell (son of Dr. Campbell, author of The China Study) is organizing a speaking event in Louisville to discuss their upcoming movie on an effort to promote plant-based nutrition, filmed in North Carolina and Kentucky. This movie is being directed by Lee Fulkerson, who directed “Forks Over Knives.” In addition to their discussion of the film, Dr. Campbell will host an open-ended Q & A session.

The Campbells are looking for as big a crowd as possible because they are working on an exciting strategy here in Kentucky that will require a public show of support. This is a unique opportunity for you to hear their story, ask questions of Dr. Campbell, and participate in something that could lead to major societal change.

The event will occur on Tuesday, February 18th at 7pm at the New Life Church on 3402 Goose Creek Road in Louisville.

New foods need not explode so much

Transitioning to broccoli and beans just got easier:
When introducing a new type of food into your diet, be it fruit or veggie, here’s the thing: Your gut is going to explode with methane when it senses this new type of food, since enzymes to digest are not prevalent. Help mother nature re-line your gut with bacteria that know how to break down this new food in this way: Let it sit out at room temp for two days so that the air bacteria can rest on it and orient their enzymes to the food type. Then eat the food without heating (killing the bacteria), whereupon you will immediately have an innoculation of the right kind of bacteria in your gut sooner than later. Save yourself the embarrassement of smelly methane farts by eating stale food. Who knew! For improved health, humans should start thinking like a bacterial bug, for we mostly are such. This idea has no product associated with it, so it’s in the DIY category, which is largely ignored in our “profit is king” economical system at present. Oh, and there’s a danger that someone could eat some really foul (and moldy) food, which could be catastrophic to the eater– therefore no one with assets would recommend this for fear of lawsuits. This is just an idea that can be fleshed out a bit more, and linked to peer reviewed articles, but the idea is just simply posited out there for now.

Warsaw Climate Meetings — about meat, both far and near

Climate scientists say that climate is better off when you “lose the beef” rather than “keep it local”.  It’s a choice between local jobs and the environment.  Most people choose “local jobs”, but don’t know about this conclusion, posted at the Warsaw climate change talks for 2013:

…the distribution of food accounts for only around 10% of food related GHG emissions. It is therefore important for consumers to put less emphasis on choosing their food according to so-called ‘food miles’ and rather change their consumption behaviour in order to
influence the demand for sustainable low emission products. Many consumers, given the right support, have the power to influence how food is produced through exercising their right to choose by excluding or reducing GHG heavy foods such as meat. In order to exercise this
right effectively, the evidence-base must be strengthened, (and confusing or misleading claims removed), to ensure consumers know which choices to make. This can be strengthened by education, an increase in sustainable choices, and should always be viewed in conjunction with government and industry actions.

2. Recommendations
Consumer organisations should
·  Encourage and assist consumers in changing their behaviour regarding food consumption by underlining those areas where there is vast potential for a positive impact through small changes, particularly eating less meat and moving the emphasis away from ‘food miles’.
Industry should
·  Continuously increase the range of sustainable products, including a wider variety of vegetarian food.
Governments should
·  Use regulatory and fiscal measures, and both incentives and penalties, including through taxation, to ensure producers and distributors produce and distribute food in a sustainable manner.
·  Use economic instruments to make sustainable food choices cheaper for consumers.

The magic word here is “education”.  That’s what this is about and what it’s always been about.

It’s about the food

Starting with healthy food, then building in the spices that make it taste yummy, then adding in the practice of making food, and eating it with friends, family, like-minded strangers.  Sounds easy enough; but not really.

Delight in these dishes, where the only meat you see is on the people’s bodies.

meat-substitute called seitan.

big_potluck pesto potluck_plate

Posting Up at Earthsave Louisville

This is my fifth install of a WordPress install for EarthSave Louisville.  Lots to be learned about sequel servers and backend blogging systems.  But that’s not the issue.  The issue is our food system, our choices therein, and the implications of everything.


I’ll slowly get into it as I see that the system won’t crash.  There is a 10% chance that I can use the old archived SQL blog entries from years past, which are still relevant now.  This is the main website:  http://louisville.earthsave.org