Chris talks at Earthsave about uber health to get well by

Chris will speak at Earthsave Louisville on March 13th.  This is what he just finished: It is stunning.  Right things in the right way for the right reasons.


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2015 Louisville Detox Talks Schedule

January 7: Epigenetics: Changing Your Genes

January 14: Antioxidant Foods For

January 21 Nature’s Pharmacy: Polyphenols

January 28: The Wonderful World Of Fiber


February 4: Probiotics: Nature’s Antibiotics

February 11: The Antibiotic Dilemma

February 18: Identifying and Eliminating

C.R.A.P. Foods

February 25: Healthy Oils


March 4: Getting On The Wagon: The

Psychology of Wellness

March 11: On The Brink: Changing The

World Through Nutrition

A certified Nutritional Therapist and Weight Loss Practitioner,

Christopher began his career as a musician and holds a BM in Music

Education and an MM in Conducting. His life came to a halt in

2010 when he began experiencing a wide array of symptoms that

included dizziness, balance problems, extreme fatigue, weakness,

and sensitivity to lights. Over the course of the next two years, he

went to countless doctors and specialists who couldn’t provide any

answers. Unwilling to accept a doctor’s prognosis that things would

likely never improve, he set out on a journey to reclaim his health

and his life. The cure was profoundly simple: nutrition.

Revitalized and passionate after regaining his health, he is on a mission to help change the

collective consciousness about wellness. This series will explore the root causes of Western

disease and will empower you to make nutritional adjustments that will allow you to thrive!

Wednesdays from noon-1:00 P.M.

The Weekly Juicery Louisville – 112 Bauer Ave

For more information, please call 502.785.4215 or email

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