New foods need not explode so much

Transitioning to broccoli and beans just got easier:
When introducing a new type of food into your diet, be it fruit or veggie, here’s the thing: Your gut is going to explode with methane when it senses this new type of food, since enzymes to digest are not prevalent. Help mother nature re-line your gut with bacteria that know how to break down this new food in this way: Let it sit out at room temp for two days so that the air bacteria can rest on it and orient their enzymes to the food type. Then eat the food without heating (killing the bacteria), whereupon you will immediately have an innoculation of the right kind of bacteria in your gut sooner than later. Save yourself the embarrassement of smelly methane farts by eating stale food. Who knew! For improved health, humans should start thinking like a bacterial bug, for we mostly are such. This idea has no product associated with it, so it’s in the DIY category, which is largely ignored in our “profit is king” economical system at present. Oh, and there’s a danger that someone could eat some really foul (and moldy) food, which could be catastrophic to the eater– therefore no one with assets would recommend this for fear of lawsuits. This is just an idea that can be fleshed out a bit more, and linked to peer reviewed articles, but the idea is just simply posited out there for now.

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